My Boss

My boss is not demanding, but His expectations are very high. He recruited me specifically for the work I am doing.  He wasn’t concerned about my past mistakes, lack of experience, or the quality of my education.  He only required that I accept the position and take Him at His word.  He bases my performance on my potential and capabilities rather than on my past mistakes or experiences.

He has equipped me with everything I need to do my assignments well. He works alongside me and lends me his wisdom, knowledge, and strength, whenever I ask.  He has given me a direct line to ask for assistance, and whenever I do ask, He provides it and never makes me feel inadequate.  He anticipates what I’ll need and provides it before I know that I need it.

When my assignments take me through hostile territory, He accompanies me and stays by my side.  He shows me ways to navigate it, and the way He mentors me through it all makes my faith in Him grow stronger.  He is a phenomenal mentor and leader; I learn something new every day!

The compensation package is more than I think I deserve.  I haven’t experienced a limit on what’s been provided.  Every need I have is taken care of, spirit, soul, and body.  If I need more than I have, He has no problem providing it – His answer is always, yes! He advocates for me with His boss. He always speaks highly of me and confirms that I am worthy of promotion. He has told me that the job will always be mine. The only way I can lose it is to leave it.

I am so thankful for my boss.  It is an honor and privilege to know Him and to be known by Him.  It is my job to make Him known.

My boss is Jesus, the Lord of All.

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